1. It’s always a good idea to send your material to the right place, which is: patrolling@75thrra.com  If you are submitting for your unit and you are not the UD then you should send it instead to your Unit Director . . . otherwise ALL material goes to the magazine e-mail address above.


2. Another nice practice (if you want your stuff to appear in the big lights) is to send all of it in on time.  While there is always the chance that they may change, the NLT due dates have been February, May, August, and November 15th for at least the past 10 years.  The submission dates are not when you request more time . . . they are the drop dead (cut-off) dates.  ‘Nuff said.


3. It’s usually appropriate to send all written material AND photos in at the same time.  A complete article will make more sense to your readers.  If you are including multiple photos then you should mark them as necessary, i.e., “photo 1”, “photo 2”, etc.  Then, instead of embedding the photo into your written work (because we have no way of digging embedded graphics out of most documents), simply type “photo 1”, “photo2”, etc., where you wish to have your picture(s) appear.


We will do everything we can to help you.  Using patrolling@75thrra.com is probably going to be your most reliable (and responsive) means of contact.  We don’t claim to have enough time to proof your work, and besides we’d prefer to avoid changing what or how you’ve written your article.  Help us to help you by using that built-in spell checker, proof read your work, and avoid “hot button” issues.  Remember, we are a social organization, not a political one, there are other venues for that . . .






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